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Alzheimer's Care

Our specialized Alzheimer’s care program is designed to support residents with memory-related challenges, providing a secure and comforting environment.

Mental Health Rehabilitation Clinic

We provide mental health care that includes professional assistance, counseling, and therapy to support residents’ emotional well-being.

Dementia Care

Lifecare Home offers dedicated care for individuals with dementia, focusing on their unique needs and ensuring a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

Depression Management

Our team is trained to provide empathetic care and support for individuals dealing with depression, helping them on their path to recovery.

Bipolar Disorder Care

Lifecare Home offers a structured program for residents with bipolar disorder, with a focus on stability and overall well-being.

Convalescent Care

We provide short-term convalescent care, assisting residents in their recovery process following an illness or surgery.

Elderly Care

Our comprehensive elderly care services cater to the unique needs of older adults, ensuring comfort, companionship, and assistance.

Personal Care Assistance

Our personal care services encompass activities of daily living, offering support with grooming, dressing, and other essential tasks.

Day Care Services

Lifecare Home offers a day care program, allowing families to provide their loved ones with a safe and stimulating environment while they attend to other responsibilities.

Nursing Care

Our experienced nursing staff delivers round-the-clock care, addressing medical needs and ensuring residents’ comfort and safety.

Schizophrenia Support

Our schizophrenia care program is designed to provide structured support for residents with schizophrenia, focusing on their unique needs and well-being.

Alcohol Treatment

Lifecare Home provides specialized care and counselling for individuals seeking support in overcoming alcohol-related challenges.

Stroke/Physical Rehabilitation

We offer rehabilitation services for stroke survivors, tailored to assist in recovery and regaining physical and cognitive abilities.